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Exhibition of the technology of food and pharmaceutical packaging and its international equipment

It includes the method of packaging technique and displays the packaged food, medicine and packing method

Hena Ketha

The effectiveness of introducing the idea of ​​breakfast and suhoor in the open air in a transparent tent and distinctive and different is not only that, but there will be a series of sessions representing different badan, making one live every day in a different form and form, in addition to daily live shows activities for adults, About the meetings of the people so that every...


It's time for adventure! “Bounce” brings the Freestyle to Riyadh for adrenaline lovers, athletes, mothers and children to live enjoyable moments. “Bounce” is a huge indoor playground filled with trampolines, huge jumping courts, Dodge Bowl, a performance area, inflatable giant airbags and X-Park.


A heritage heritage festival, held on nights of Ramadan, the story of an Egyptian story

The Champ Ksa

The first women's sports sports event with the support of the General Authority for Sport and the participation of elite social media influences every day

National day

Activities include: The Saudi pavilion - A diverse display of old cars - Heritage show between the present and the past - Seminar on the Kingdom - Children's drawing exhibition - Free children's gallery - Presentation of ancient artifacts

maerid aleutur khilal aleusur

Is an exhibition that provides information about the perfume and incense industry of various kinds to the presence of a selection of manufacturers and producers of perfumes who will provide the best products available to them that suit all tastes and will auction publicly the best incense and natural oud and a number of traders in the world of perfume

Volleyball Championships - Aldawadmi

Time: 10:30pm-1:30am // Be on time with sports competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, handball, and let enthusiasm ignite the halls hosting the competitions during the holy month of Ramadan, cheer up the competing teams eagerly and enthusiastically and find out which team is worth lifting the trophy and unleash your personal skills to enter the challenge and win grea...