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Islamic Art Museum

يهدف متحف الفن الإسلامي إلى الإسهام في التعريف بالجوانب المشرقة للحضارة الإسلامية التي تتم ّيز بتعدد المجالات، واتساع الرقعة الجغرافية، والامتداد الزمني. كما يهدف المتحف إلى حفز الأجيال المسلمة إلى استلهام تاريخها، والوعي بحضارة أمتها، وربط مستقبلها بماضيها.

Money Museum

Money Museum of the Saudi Arabian Monetary specialized museum institution in the world in terms of its collection of Islamic historical coins and pre-Islam and modern coins in addition to fit on some of the raw materials that go into cash versions of modern paper and metal industry, both as it also contains illustrations of the security features in the Saudi paper money.

Antiquities Museum (King Saud University)

A city of Riyadh museums, established by King Saud University in 1967, the museum highlighting the appearance of civilization, and historical excavations university.

Noqtah Studio

متحف فني خاص يملكه النحات طلال بن عثمان الطخيس، يضم مجموعه من مقتنياته الفنية من منحوتات ولوحات منوعه من عدة فنون تشكيلية لعدد من أعمدة ورواد الفن التشكيلي و شبابه.

Murabba Palace

a historical palaces located in Riyadh, and represents one of the most important elements of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center from a historical perspective.

King Abdulaziz Foundation

It has been created to serve the history‚ geography and literature and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its Arab and Muslim countries in general.

Royal Saudi Air Force Museum

Air force Museum represents the historical development of the Royal Air Force Arabia since its inception at the hands of King Abdulaziz to what we have reached in this era.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The exhibits are organized in eight Exhibition Halls or Galleries : Man and the Universe‚ Arabian Kingdoms‚ The Prophet‘s Mission‚ The Pre-Islamic Era (Jahiliyyah)‚ Islam and the Arabian Peninsula‚ First and Second Saudi States‚ The Unification‚ The Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques.

King Abd Al Aziz Historical Center

The King Abdulaziz Historical Center is established to be a national landmark in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‚ and to be a cultural center reflect the history of the Arabian Peninsula‚ and the message of Islam timeless‚ and know the history of Saudi Arabia‚ and the efforts made to build.

Murabba Palace

A historical palace located in Riyadh‚ and represents one of the most important elements of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center from a historical perspective.

The Ruling Palace

في عام 1327 هـ قام الملك عبد العزيز بعد أن أرسى قواعد الحكم بإعادة بناء قصر الحكم وذلك بترميم بعض أجزائه وبناء أسواره ومجالسه و ملحقاته على أنقاض قصر الإمامين تركي و فيصل، و قد فرغ الملك عبد العزيز من بناء هذا القصر في عام 1330 هـ تقريبا، كذلك بنى الملك عبد العزيز ثلاثة جسور مسقوفة تربط القصر ببعض المرافق والمنشآت القريبة، أحدها يصل إلى المسجد بجامع الإمام تركي بن عبد الله ليؤد...

Almasmak Musem

The museum contains photos, maps, and cut-outs, and some ancient weapons, and pieces of heritage, the Hall of visual display and audible. It consists of 10 halls, namely: the courtyard President, Riyadh and time to recover, and the storming of Musmak, and avant-garde, and Riyadh, historical, and Fort Musmak, uses Musmak, the last room, patio and well, temporary offers.

Masmak fort

Is built from mud (mud brick) is located in the center of the Saudi capital‚ Riyadh.

Ahmed bin Omar al-Zahrani Museum

A city of Riyadh Museums, founded by Ahmed bin Omar al-Hassani al-Zahrani, the museum consists of an interview than one role in a large area of ​​terminal building of about 150 square meters, has been used Zahrani style commentary on the walls and show cabinets and cupboards to display collectibles, and contains a museum of many traditional pieces that include pots Arabic coffe...

Heritage Museum of Arts and Crafts

Torath Museum of Arts and Crafts a Riyadh area museums, Nasser bin Abdul Aziz Aljvela founded in the city of Riyadh, the museum features an actively train students on some of the character of the fabric and Khusiat and some of the Fine Arts, and consists of four parts thus are the palace building, the main building consists of ground floor where the role of three halls each roo...

Private Museums

This museum is located in a rented building of one floor and includes a large number of distinct pieces of heritage that are displayed in eight separate pavilions. This museum features outstanding participations at the national level. Artifacts are displayed here by their type and use, like currencies, ornaments and silverware, model of a well and irrigation tools, agriculture...

Omairi Heritage Museum

The museum is located in Riyadh in the Um Al-Hamam neighborhood. It has two halls measuring 40 square meters and 36 square meters, for display in addition to a reception hall. It is located in a heritage concrete building as a part of the residence of the owner of the museum. There are some pieces of heritage inherited by the owner of the museum from the ancestors, such as manu...

Al-Hamad Museum

The museum is a part of the owner’s residence. It is made up of two halls and a reception. The halls are divided in into fourteen different corners. The first corner shows weapons and tools of war, such as guns, swords, daggers and knives. The second corner is for stone tools, like hand mill and other kinds of hand tools. The third corner includes cooking gear such as cooking...

Ad-Dalam Museum

The museum consists of a one-floor old building comprising of five halls and each hall contains a large number of distinctive pieces of heritage on display. The exhibits here are classified by type and use, like, currency, accessories and silverware, irrigation tools and agricultural tools, leather goods, old doors, lighting tools, weights and measures, clothing and woolen goo...

Ad-Dalam Historical Museum

The museum is located in a single-floor rented building. It contains a number of heritage pieces that are displayed in five pavilions, distributed by type and use, such as currency, silverware and accessories, irrigation tools, agricultural tools, leather goods, old wooden doors, lighting equipment, weights and measures, clothing, woolen goods and coffee making tools like pitch...